Are You Ready ?

People everywhere are sensing that global changing events are just ahead. All Nations believe we are living in volatile times. The governments of the world know something and have been readying themselves for decades, even the media is aware of something, but is not warning people to prepare in an attempt to avoid mass panic.


What is your true plan? Will your family be victims or survivors?

More and more people are looking for viable shelter solutions to survive what they feel may be ahead. Disasters are happening everyday around the world and in every country, catching many people unexpectedly, eventually our planet will realize a devastating catastrophe whether man made or a force of nature. Is it time for you to consider a solid plan?

The accepted solution to most of the threat scenarios is to find underground sheltering. The soil of the Earth itself can provide the best shelter for most catastrophes, such as; a pole shift, super volcano eruptions, earthquakes, asteroids, solar flares, tsunamis, nuclear attack, bioterrorism, chemical warfare and even widespread social anarchy. However surviving a lonely existence living in an underground box is hardly the answer, underground survival takes extreme tolls on the human body, mind and spirit. You will not survive in something hardly bigger than a small shipping container, without space to move around, and a community of people with various backgrounds and expertise to help you get through all of the physical and mental challenges that face underground sheltering.

Proposed Answer; an underground eco-community. Being in a community of like-minded people with an abundance of supplies, amenities and ‘moral boosters’ is essential for your survival as well as your sanity. This type of diversified preparedness community, with ample space per person to exercise, move around, find privacy and/or gather socially, is currently available through the Eco-Community.

Who is Eco-Community?

We have created a modern disaster facility mimicking nature by using selected appropriate technologies and incorporating alternative energy sources to produce an abundance of organic food and comfortable living conditions.


beehive -

Families enjoy individual domicile suites, with modern living conditions taking advantage of being able to spend private time by ones-self or with community members. Living quarters all come together at a grand central complex where community members can gather in a central park to involve themselves in community group projects and share fun times. During holidays and special events the community celebrate and eat meals together in the community dining hall.

We are a Conservative, Non-profit Organization

Community members are varied in age, sex, religion, diet, race, career, education, etc. Eco-Community has built a cohesive group of like-minded singles, couples, elders, teens and children that by unity have come together to prepare for the coming times of financial hardship and cataclysmic events that could challenge modern civilization as we know it today – sharing knowledge, skills, resources and labor to ensure future living conditions and well-being.

Eco-community is always seeking sound, responsible, service-minded individuals of all faiths, cultures and individuals who are passionate about preserving life and taking care of day-to-day operations, to join.


The Eco-Community Commitment:

  • Prevention: Helping members be aware of and plan for future events by protecting themselves. 
  • Protection:  Helping members shelter against manmade or natural disasters and acts of terrorism. 
  • Mitigation:  Helping members reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of a disaster. 
  • Response:    Helping members by saving lives and meeting basic human needs after an incident has occurred.
  • Recovery:    Helping members form a community to assist each other affected by an incident to recover effectively.