Who will be allowed to join Eco-Community?
– Membership into Eco-Community is open to all persons. Community members are varied in age, sex, religion, diet, race, career, education, etc.
How old do I have to be to apply for a membership into Eco-Community?
– Eco-Community does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 18 and Eco-Community does not target its services to children under 18. All applicants must be 18 years old with a valid ID.
Are background checks done?
– Eco-Community’ Risk Management Team conducts all person-to-person interviews and background checks on persons applying for membership to the Facility. Background-check Application HERE.
Why does your organization need a background check?

Because we need to know if we can trust you, background checks serve a number of purposes, such as:

1. Verifying someone’s identity.
2. Understanding a person’s history.
3. Helping uphold community safety by approving trustworthy individuals.

How do I join the Eco-Community?
– You may join Eco-Community at any time by using our convenient Application Located HERE.
How much does it cost to join the Eco-Community?
– Membership fees are based on the age of the individual, see Eligibilityfor more information.
Is Eco-Community a Religious or Government Organization?
– Eco-Community Shelter is a privately funded construction project, with no Government or Religious affiliations.
Does Eco-Community allow Service Animals?
– Service Animals are welcomed to accommodate their handlers at no extra cost.
Does Eco-Community offer different types of memberships?
– Eco-Community offers different prices per age group, to get an overview of the individual membership offers, please refer to page 22 of the Application Packet Mailer.
Am I eligible for a free or discounted membership?
– Eco-Community does not offer free or discounted memberships.
Does Eco-Community offer discounts for group memberships?
– Eco-Community does not offer group discount options at this time.
Does the Eco-Community offer payment options?
– The Facility Coordinator will be able to review special case options with you.
How can I pay my membership fee?

When the perspective member applies for membership with Eco-Community, you may mail your payment with application to:

Dragonfly Eco-Community
2521 E Mountain Village Drive ste. B-576
Wasilla AK 99654

Or you may wire your payment to:

Care of Community Coordinator; CRC. Campbell
Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union
Routing Number: 325272335
Eco-Community Account Number: 770000139952

How long does it take for a membership to become active?
– Perspective adult members who have passed the person-to-person interview, background check and made the full membership payment are automatically activated and should expect to see their welcome mailer anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks.
When will I receive my membership welcome mailer?
– Members can expect to receive their welcome package with membership authenticity certificate, ID card and keys to their perspective domicile approximately 5–6 days after their membership has been activated.
Is there an annual membership fee into the Eco-Community?
– There are no annual membership fees. However; there will be a set monthly association fee which will cover maintenance of the facility, food supplies etc. Which are calculated to be anywhere from $20 to $60 per month for each family group.
When can I start to use my member benefits?
– Take advantage of your new membership the moment you receive your membership number. Your membership number will be emailed (to address provided) to you upon approval. New members can expect to receive their welcome kit within 5 – 6 days following approval processing.
Where can I find my Member Number?
– Your member number is printed on the lower right side of your membership card or the upper top of the authenticity certificate. Your lifetime membership card is sent to you via postal mail when you first become a member.
How do I reach Eco-Community or Customer Support for any issues or questions?
– If you have questions or need assistance, you can reach our Customer Support representatives by email at
How do I connect with other Eco-Community members?
– All members are encouraged to connect with other members online in the members login area and during our meet & greet gatherings bi-annually here in Alaska, to engage with other members on topics you’re passionate about.
What is Eco-Community Organization?
– Eco-Community, is a non-profit disaster relief corporation registered with the State of Alaska and managed by a duly elected Board of Directors. Its purpose is to enhance human life by providing community services and facilities for the general use, benefit and welfare of the members.
 I paid the child rate but now my child has grown to the next age limit, will I have to pay more?
– As long as your family group association dues are current and up to date your child is a life-time member at the rate they became a member through their family group.
My parents paid the child rate for me years ago, but now I am an adult, do I have to pay the adult rate to stay a member?
– No, you are a life-time member of Eco-Community; however, you will be given your own status as an individual member and will be expected to contribute to the association dues for your individual membership, (remember, if you get married and have children you will be responsible for paying for their inclusion at the current rate into the Eco-Community).
Where is Eco-Community?
– Eco-Community is located in southeast Alaska, about 50 miles from Anchorage and just West of the Matanuska Valley.
How big is Eco-Community?
The Facility is approximately 16537 m2.
What forces will the Facility withstand?
– The strength of the concrete and steel in the structure is protected from outside blasts, extreme winds, hail stones, and most other risks. The massive blast door, and the soil on top will mitigate all other threats due to the depth of earth covering the Facility.
Is the Facility protected from an EMP wave?
– The steel mesh embedded within the concrete design of the Facility will act as a Faraday cage to protect all occupants and electronics within the Facility.
Can the Facility withstand a nuclear blast?
– The location of the Facility is considered a safe distance from all known nuclear targets, with the nearest Air Force Base 45 miles south of Matanuska Valley. The combination of the concrete thickness and the appropriate depth of soil on top, will protect the Facility and all occupants from any radiation fallout.
Can the Facility be submerged under water?
– With sealing of both the blast door and air vents the Facility is watertight if the need appoints itself. However, due to the elevation of the Facility location and distance from any large water bodies, the chances of flooding is unlikely.
What are the Airports in the area?
– Anchorage International Airport has all major airlines. There are two municipal airports for private aircraft located in Palmer and Wasilla about 10 miles from either airport.
How do I get to the Facility?
– You may fly into Anchorage International Airport and drive the remaining 50 miles to the Facility or drive from anywhere in Alaska in a few hours.
Is there road access to the Facility?
– The Facility has a major highway road providing vehicle access with two perimeter roads for security patrol.
Who maintains the Facility?
– A Facility Coordinator is appointed by the Board of Directors to act as an agent on behalf of the Facility in the operation and administration of the Facility’ business and affairs.
How many people can I have in my domicile?

– FEMA requires a minimum of 40 square feet of living space per person, you may not exceed this number of people per domicile.

* A 300 sq. ft. domicile may house 7 persons;
* A 400 sq. ft. domicile may house 10 persons;
* A 500 sq. ft. domicile may house 12 persons;

How many people can a domicile comfortably accommodate?

– Each domicile is equipped with enough space for personal food and supplies with an included 6’ x 2’ storage closet area.

*A 300 sq. ft. domicile may comfortably house 2 adults and 3 same sex children or 4 adults;
*A 400 sq. ft. domicile may comfortably house 2 adults and 4 same sex children or 4 adults;
*A 500 sq. ft. domicile may comfortably house 2 adults and 6 multiple sex children or 6 adults;

Can I park my car in the Facility?
– The blast door is not large enough to pull a vehicle of any size through.
How will I cook in the Facility?
– All domiciles are outfitted with a kitchen, cabinets and appliances. Remember, you will mostly be cooking freeze-dried and canned foods if and when a martial law or disaster is declared. You will also have the ability to grow fresh greens and vegetables inside the grow gardens which will supply an abundant supply of all required staple items.
How is electricity provided?
– The developers have installed a power system that includes a wind turbine, an array of solar panels and a diesel generator with underground fuel storage tanks.
How is water provided?
– The Facility has a deep underground cistern aquifer well located on the property. Water is fed to the Facility. Under a lockdown scenario the Facility may cut off water supply of the well and use the 15,000-gallon underground storage water tanks, which are supplied by atmospheric water generators.
How is outside air filtered?
– The Facility has commercial grade NBC filtration system, that includes both a HEPA and HEGA filter to scrub nuclear, biological and chemical particulates out of the air being pumped into the Facility.
How much personal food can I store?
– Each domicile is equipped with a 6’ x 2’ storage closet where food, toiletries or general supplies may be stored.
What if I do not want to buy and store food?
– The Facility is stocked with an abundant supply of freeze-dried foods, meats, grains, and a garden of fresh growing vegetables, selected for ongoing taste, variety, nutrition, energy, and ease of preparation.
Will I have to furnish my domicile?
– Each domicile suite will vary in size, and configuration with complete and fully furnished living quarters.
Can I store my valuables and self-defense items?
– The Facility has key-lock safes which you will be assigned to store all your valuables for security and safety.
Can this be my home?
– No. You may only stay in the Facility during any well-acknowledged martial law, social anarchy or catastrophe. Due to building codes for “residential units” requiring a window in each bedroom, your domicile cannot be used as a residence. Adding windows would obviously defeat the use as a survival shelter.
Does the Facility meet building code requirements?
– The Facility structure meets all requirements of FEMA and the International Code Council standard ICC 500-2014 for the design, construction and use as survival shelters.
Are there onsite medical facilities?
– The Facility will provide a basic medical team for dental, family medicine and eye care, and an emergency medical clinic.
Is there a garden?
– Eco-Community has designed a collective aquaponic garden area.
Are there livestock on the site?
– The Facility will host a small supply of animal stock. Milking goats, rabbits, quail, miniature horses.
Is there a supply warehouse?
– The Facility maintains several warehouses with essential supplies, food stock, mechanical equipment and household supplies.
Will there be a shooting range?
– The Facility maintains a safe and secure training and shooting range.
Will there be a school?
– The Facility has provided educators that may be utilized for educational and/or training purposes.
Will there be a church?
– The Facility has provided a chapel for religious purposes, it is non-denominational, allowing for all religions to worship and meditate as they wish.
How is the property secured?
– The property is monitored with security cameras and protected by a seven feet security fence to keep out intruders.
Will there be Rules & Regulations?
– The Membership Packet Mailer will include the “Code of Conduct” and “Bylaws & Constitution”. All members must comply with these rules while residing in the Facility.
Will there be employment opportunities within the Facility?
– Eco-Community encourages each member to share their skills and abilities; opportunities will include working on the security team, maintenance and construction, working in the greenhouses, stables, café, medical clinic, salon, gym, chapel, school, theater and even management.
When can I visit Eco-Community to select my preferred domicile?
– The Facility is in a secured location so you will not be able to tour the location or Facility. However; the Board of Directors has provided many photos, brochures and a video recording of the facility for you to view. Each domicile is being assigned on a first come basis.
Can I resell or will my membership to a third party?
– You may sell, donate or will your membership to any third party at any time for whatever consideration you deem appropriate, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors which will include a security check and person-to-person interview of the proposed assignee.
Are pets allowed?
– Domesticated pets (birds, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and cats) are accepted subject to rules and regulations.
Where will the Board of Directors or Facility Coordinators be located?
– The Board of Directors, Coordinators, Security Team, Maintenance, Support and Management staff will be living within the Facility with current members.
What amenities are available within the Facility?
Eco-Community has included:
Gun Range;
Tailor Shop;
Exercise Gym;
Meeting Rooms;
Swimming Pool;
General store;
Medical Clinic;
Woodworking Shop;
Management Office;
Community Greenhouses;
Communications Station;
Vocational Training Center;
Security Facilities & Stations;
Metal Fabrication & Welding Shop;
Aquaponics garden stocked with fish;
Education School for all grades from nursery to 12th grades;
Miniature Horse Stables;
Miniature Goat Stables;
Game Rabbits & Quail Coop;
and more, many of these amenities will be operated by the community members themselves.
Is my membership transferable?

Eco-Community individual memberships may be transferred to another person in the same age bracket, if:

1. The individual membership is current;
2. The preliminary member has passed the background check;
3. The preliminary member has passed the person-to-person interview;
4. Written authorization is needed from the Board of Directors, with Board stating that it is in agreement with the transfer of membership. Any additional fees for transfer will be applied. if you would like to transfer a membership please contact the Board of Directors ;

Is my membership association payments tax-exempt?

The first integrated federal income tax statute, enacted in 1913, provided exemptions for business leagues, as association were known at that time. The 1913 act also provided exemptions for charitable, scientific, or educational organizations.

Congress first gave association favored tax treatment largely in recognition of the benefit the public derives from their activities. The legislative history also indicates that the exemption was based on the theory that the government is compensated for any loss of tax revenue by its relief from the financial burden that would otherwise have to be met through appropriating public funds. In simple terms, association earn their tax-exempt status by meeting many of the needs of their members and the general public that the government would otherwise have to meet.

As tax-exempt entities, association are barred from accumulating equity appreciation for private benefit. Instead, these organizations undertake programs or initiatives to benefit members and the public rather than private individuals. Their earnings, therefore, must be dedicated to furthering the primary purpose for which they were organized.

Can I cancel my membership and receive a refund?
We hate to see you go! But if you must, the process is easy. You can fill out a cancellation form with the Facility Coordinator or send a letter (preferably via certified mail) to the Board of Directors requesting cancellation. Memberships can’t, unfortunately, be cancelled by email or phone. Please remember that your cancellation request is subject to any obligations of your membership agreement. The Facility Coordinator will be able to review the terms of your membership agreement and answer any questions you have. If you are cancelling because you’re unsatisfied with the Facility, please speak with your local Coordinator before making your final decision. We love feedback and would love the opportunity to improve and hopefully change your mind.


All information, terms and conditions provided are subject to change without notice.
The membership documents will govern terms and conditions when signed by the member.