The Eco-Community is truly an affordable way for you to secure membership and space for yourself and your loved ones in a real community shelter built to withstand virtually any envisioned catastrophe. With a unique beehive model, and the construction, outfitting and stocking each respective member has only to purchase a membership into the community.

The Eco-Community provides an affordable solution to families who are looking for a preparedness solution against future events but would otherwise not be able to construct an all-risk shelter to provide self-sufficient living.

This is a one of a kind community facility, consisting of 90 Zero-Energy Private Domicile Suites, featuring contemporary living quarters. An aquaponics Garden, Greenhouse, Library, Medical/Dental center, Workshop, Food Storage, Cellar, Swimming Pools, Media Room, Communal Cafe, Stage, Chapel, Family Park, Weight Gym, Amusement Court: (roller skating, ice skating, rock climbing, game room), Children’s Playground & Play Areas, Sports Court, 2-Lane Running Track, Childcare and Youth Education.

The Community Management Board selects the best candidates for the community from current applications. If approved as a community member, you will then be offered the opportunity to purchase a membership into the Eco-Community.

The membership structure complies with local laws and regulations. All memberships are secured by the undivided membership in the specific community, limited to the number of designated members for the community.

The community group is encouraged to meet other fellow members and get to know each other. These events are coordinated by the designated community coordinator to facilitate operational training and planning for the unique pre-and-post event aspects of the community facility. These group meetings allow everyone to get to know each other, as well as determine and plan for their respective duties and team responsibilities for any potential disaster. Members are encouraged to work harmoniously together while becoming familiar with the operations of the community.

Membership Availability:

  • West Wing:   Accepting Waitlist = Applicants awaiting application approval; 
  • South Wing: Available = Domicile suites open in this wing of community; 
  • East Wing:    Closed = Domicile suites in this wing are full and waitlist is closed;
  • North Wing: Now Open = Suites completed in this wing of community; 


Don’t get caught unaware and unable to manage your family in a disaster, plan ahead: 

 “It is better to have a survival solution and not need it, than to need a survival solution and not have it”.


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